How To Activate Your QRC Card

Have you received a QRC Card in the mail? Or do you want to know about the QRC card Activation process? Then, you must read this guide carefully.

Once you activate your card, you will have all rights, interests, and titles of your card as well as the underlying funds. The QRC prepaid card you can use to access funds anytime. The cardholder can not add funds to the QRC card. This card is not the same as gift cards and you can’t use it for gifting purposes.

You can treat this card the same as you treat cash. Don’t consider this card as a credit card and it doesn’t offer any interest on the card’s funds. Let’s read some detailed information about the card before start for the activation process.

Using The QRC Card:

Before using this card or making any transaction, you must ensure that you are the authorized user of this card. If you want that someone else can also use it, then it completely depends on your agreement. The company will treat that all such transactions are made by you. You are not able to do any transaction if you are not activated your card.

Foreign Transactions:

If you make any purchase or get funds in a foreign country, then this transaction would be converted automatically to US dollars. To get the complete details about the currency conversion process, you can meet their site and go through the “Card Tips” section.

PIN (Personal Identification Number):

You will receive your pin with your card or you can get it by making a call at toll-free number 866.691.4768. This 4-digit PIN will avert any unauthorized access to the funds in your card. If you ever feel that anyone has unwanted access to your PIN, then you should change it quickly.

Checking Card Balance:

The cardholder can easily check and track the card balance online. You can check the card balance by logging into the online card account or by making a call to the customer support of the QRC card. Importantly, you can easily access the last 60 days’ account transactions history, anytime, anywhere through the online account.

Returns & Refunds:

If you want to return back your purchased products or service, the merchant will manage your refund request. When a merchant credits your card, the refunded amount would get back to your account after a particular time period.

Step to Activate Your QRC Card Online

How To Activate Your QRC Card Online

Once you get your QRC prepaid card, you have to activate it first before using it. If you know the process, activating your QRC card is easy. However, for those who are not yet familiar with the activation process, this walkthrough may be helpful. Check the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to activating QRC prepaid card online.

1. First, visit the QRC card official site or you can click on the link to access the activation rewards webpage.

2. Click on the blue button “Get Started” that will you can see in the middle of the screen.

3. Next, enter your card details like card number and CVC2 in the required fields.

4. Select the captcha and click on the button “Continue” to finish the activation process.

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