How To Apply For Upromise MasterCard

Searching for the cashback credit card? then the Upromise MasterCard could be the perfect choice for your requirements. You can enjoy the amazing offers on your online purchases as well as get discounts at participating restaurants. This card offers you above-average rates with flexibility. In this guide, we shared all the important facts about this card. If you are planning to apply for this MasterCard, then with the help of this guide you can do it with ease.

In A Nutshell

This card offers you a great chance to save a lot. If you are the one who loves the Upomise portal for shopping, then this could be the best card to buy. If you are adoring to watch movies or If you are a frequent shopper at the department stores, then you should choose the Upromise MasterCard. Apart from this, If you are looking for a card that can offer a sign-up bonus, then this card is not made for you. As well, This is not the right choice for Mastercard seekers who are searching for high rewards on several everyday activities.

Upromise MasterCard Features And Benefits

This card is made with loads of perks that you will enjoy. There is no annual fee that means you don’t need to pay the monthly fee from your hard-worked money. Here, we have listed some amazing benefits of this card that you must read.

1.25% Cash Back – You can earn 1.25% cashback On every single purchase that you make by swiping up this card. It gives you the freedom to shop everywhere.

15% Bonus – To earn the bonus of 15% on the total cashback with your Upromise MasterCard, you can link your 529 College plan to the Upromise Program. It also covers the Upromise Round-Up.

Upromise Round Up To Earn More – In order to get extra cashback, you can round up the purchases to the nearest dollar.

Redemption Options – This card lets its holder enjoy several redemption choices. And, if you want to check all available choices, you can go to the official Upromise website.

This card offers a very good chance for college students to effortlessly maximize their college savings. Every month, you can earn up to $86.97 cashback using this card. Your savings would get bigger even more. This card’s purchase APR is 16.74%, 21.74%, or 26.74% variable.

Discounts On Purchases

You can expect amazing discounts on your buys using this card because it is a cashback credit card. Using this card, you can earn 2% cashback for the buys at specific department stores and movie theaters. Furthermore, If you make purchases on their site, you will be able to 5% cashback. You should visit their official website to check the participating locations.

$25 Sign Up Bonus

To qualify for this $25 sign-up bonus, you have to make a buy through this card within the first 90 days. It offers a good chance to qualify for this bonus offer with cash advances and fund transfers. This is something new that you earn with this card. You will find out all such offers with restricted bonus qualifications as well.

Instructions To Apply For The Upromise MasterCard

Apply For The Upromise MasterCard

1. First, visit the official website.

2. After the page appeared, you can see see the card image with the button “APPLY NOW.”

3. Click on it to start the application process.

4. On the next page, the small section will appear in the center of the screen where you have to fill up the all required details.

The personal information that you need to share is as follows:

  • Your first, middle, and last name
  • Permanent address
  • City, state, and Zip
  • Time at the permanent address
  • Employment and financial information
  • Contact information
  • Security information

5. Once you entered the information, you can also opt for the paperless statement by choosing this option. You can also read all terms & conditions towards the end of this webpage.

6. After that, click the “Submit” button. And, your card will be reached to you within two weeks with the welcome kit.

You can use this card at various locations all over the planet where Mastercard is accepted. You can contact a customer service representative anytime with the helpline number if there are any queries about this card.

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