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If you frequently shop in Big Lots or you love to shop in Big Lots then this is a great opportunity for them to apply for a credit card. BigLots and Comenity Bank have introduced a credit card called BigLots Credit Card. Without signing up for your account, you can make quick payments with your Big Lots credit card. At checkout, you may be offered a deferred-interest advertising plan and many more benefits.

You can apply for a Big Lots credit card online, or you can visit the Big Lots store and ask your affiliates about the financing options available. To learn more about how you can register for a BigLots credit card, you can check out the article below. Also, learn how to log in to get more benefits of BigLots credit card through this article. Keep reading to learn more about BigLots credit cards.

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What is the Eligibility Criteria to Apply for the Big Lots Credit Card:

  • At the time of application, the age of the resident should be completed in their respective jurisdiction.
  • Applicants must have a U.S. mail address (street, rural route, with FPO/APO) and a P.O box mailing address will not be accepted.
  • To apply for a credit card at the store, the applicant should have proof of valid government photo ID.
  • A valid government-issued taxpayer identification number, such as SSN or SIN will be required.

advantages of the Big Lots credit card

  • You will receive special financing with a Big Lots credit card for in-store purchases.
  • Big Lots does not charge any annual maintenance charges for your credit card.
  • You get special membership status and lots of benefits.
  • If you need any assistance you can reach their customer service representative 24/7.
  • With paperless billing, you can save our world.
  • You can check the status of your account in the register.

How to Access your Big Lots Credit Card Account

To login to your Big Lots credit card online account, you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  • You can access your Big Lots credit card account by visiting the following page
  • On the homepage, you need to enter your “User id” and “Password” in the login section.
  • Then, click on the “Sign in” button to enter your account.

After logging in to your account, you can manage your account also.

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How could you Reset your Big Lots Credit Card Account Password?

  • To reset your Big Lots credit card account password, you can visit the following page
  • Now, you need to click on the “Forgot Username or Password” link below the “Sign In” button.
  • After that, you need to enter the following information to recover your account password.
  1. Account number or Username
  2. Zip code/Postal code
  3. Identification type
  4. Last 4 digits of your social security number
  • Next, click on the “find my account” option.
  • Now, follow the remaining procedure very carefully to restore your Big Lots account login credentials.

Rates and Charges for the Big Lots Credit Card

  • Big Lots does not charge any annual maintenance charges for your credit card.
  • If you pay your full balance within 25 days after the end of each billing cycle, you will not be charged any interest.
  • The minimum interest will be $2
  • You will be charged 29.99% APR on your purchase.
  • You may be charged up to $39 for late payment.

For any further assistance or inquiries regarding Big Lots credit card and services, you can contact Comenity Capital Bank.

How to Contact Comenity Capital Bank

If you would like an immediate response, you can contact their customer support at the number below:


For, TDD/TYY: 1-888-819-1918. Mon to Sat from 8 am to 9 pm EST. Only Closed Sun.

You could write to Comenity Bank at the following address:

Comenity Capital Bank
PO Box 183003
Columbus, OH 43218-3003

You can get a quick resolution through Comenity Bank FAQ.

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