Can I Transfer Money From GreenDot To Cash App

Yes, Green dot is compatible with Cash App and it works with the Cash App. The process of paying for your purchases using a Green dot card is very easy and simple. By using Cash App, Green Dot customers will be able to open and manage accounts. Managing your account includes making cash deposits at stores like Walgreens and CVS.

Is it really possible to transfer money from Green dot to the Cash App? Can I link my Green dot card to the Cash App?  These are the questions frequently asked by the people. In this article, we have described the process to transfer money from Green Dot to Cash App.

By using Green Dot prepaid cards, you can perform online bill payments, quick money transfers among many others. Similarly, Cash App is a P2P money transfer app through which you can make payments, receive and request money from family, friends with a single click of a finger from the app.

Why Cash App customers have been searching about how to transfer money from Greendot to Cash App because online money transfer is quite a trend.

Link my Greendot Card to Cash App?

Yes, you can link Greendot Card to Cash App. This card cannot be any Green Dot card, it has to be the Green Dot Cash Back Visa® Debit Card which gets 2% cashback on online and mobile purchases.

Cash App never accepts prepaid cards. You cannot use a prepaid card to add money to a Cash App card account. Cash App only accepts cards like American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. Apart from this, reloadable debit cards and gift cards cannot be used.

Nevertheless, the Cash App supports a few prepaid cards but not all. The Cash App supports government-issued prepaid cards, but it does not support Greendot prepaid cards. Many money services don’t accept a prepaid card, not even western union or money gram.

How Can I Send Money from Green dot to Cash App?

The black unlimited version of the Green Dot card allows you to send money from Green Dot to Cash App. It permits instant deposits like the Cash App debit card do and it also permits instant debit card transfer between Cash App and Green Dot.

The Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account by Green Dot Bank accompanies a high return bank account that will pay the contributors a 3% Annual Percentage Yield on their reserve funds up to $10,000.

The Process to Transfer Money from Greendot to Cash App?

Following are the steps to transfer money from the Green dot to the Cash App.

Step1: Start your Cash App on your Android or iPhone.

Step2: Add the details of the Green dot debit card to your “linked accounts”.

Step3: From the Cash App home screen, click on the “Banking” button.

Step4: Click on “Add Cash”.

Step5: Provide the amount.

Step6: Input your Cash PIN or use Touch ID to confirm.

Step7: Money will be credited to the Cash App account.

Important Note: The Moneypak Unlimited Cash Back Card can take up to an hour to activate before you can redeem it and fund your Cash App. Normally it will take 20-30 minutes, but sometimes it can take a long time.

Alternative Way to Transfer Money from Greendot Card to Cash App

You can transfer money by using your PayPal account to Cash App debit card instantly. This is the alternative method to transfer money from a Greendot card to a Cash App. You just need to add a Green Dot prepaid card to PayPal. And then, send it to your Cash App card.

Step1: Start the PayPal website and Log In with your account.

Step2: Click on “Add Funds” and Tap “Add Funds from MoneyPak”.

Step3: Input the MoneyPak Number on the “Add Funds” page.

Step4: Provide the security characters from the security box and tap on “Continue”.

Step5: On the “Submit Info”, Provide your name, address, date of birth, and social security number. Tap on “Continue”.

Step6: Tap on “Ok”.

Step7: Verify by confirming the link sent to your email address to successfully complete the process.

Step8: Return back to your PayPal profile to add money from the GreenDot MoneyPak card to your PayPal account.

Now, you can easily transfer the money from your Greendot Card to your Bank account and once the funds are credited to your bank account, you can easily add money to your Cash App.

How Greendot Card Work?

Greendot cards are known as prepaid cards that accept government deposits, transfers, deposit checks and even receive paychecks.  They are really easy to use and handle. It is a prepaid card, it will function only if it has funds credited to it. You just have to load money onto it. Once the fund is loaded in the card, you can use it like another traditional debit card. It can be used anywhere in the states (USA) where VISA cards are accepted.

Greendot Prepaid Card notable features include:

  • Send money from one account to another only within the US.
  • Quickly load money to your card with any other bank account.
  • The Green dot platinum visa credit card: Great option to rebuild credit score.
  • $7.95 is the Greendot monthly charge but it can be avoided by depositing a $1000 minimum every month.
  • Avail cash checks for free to make a direct or online deposit with their application.
  • There are no minimum balance requirements.
  • Easily transfer money between two debit cards.
  • VIP program for waived off ATM fees and withdrawal charges.


Money transfer between two payment services and cards can be sometimes a very complicated process. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have the right knowledge of how it works, to perform the transfer correctly and securely. Greendot card has many advantages along with some disadvantages like other bank accounts. You can easily use the cashback Green Dot card and link to your Cash App account to transfer money from the app.

With the help of Greendot, You can transfer money to the Cash App account quickly. You can also transfer to other bank accounts at your convenience. All you have is your personalized MoneyPak or the unlimited black card in order to transfer the money. There are no requirements to get the card even if you have a bad credit history or poor credit score.

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