Cashback Credit Cards

The cashback credit card is the card type that can give a part of the money spent on a card back in the cash. You can get a cashback either in a check form or it might be received at the end of each statement which depends on the terms of the card. Cashback depends completely depends on how many times the card has been used by cardholders.

There are so many different kinds of cashback credit cards are available, but in this post, we come with the top 5 best cashback credit cards to get the perks that they offer. Let’s check them.

1. Citizen Bank CashBack Plus MasterCard

Citizen Bank CashBack Plus MasterCard

The cardholder that holds this Citizen Bank Card will be able to get 1.5% cashback on all purchases that the cardholder makes by swiping up this credit card. However, the cashback could increase up to 1.8% depending on how the user deposited the rewards & how often used the card.

Importantly, There is no limit to the cashback amount that the user can collect. And, The annual fee is $0. There are not any variable purchase APR of 14.99% or 17.99% or 20.99% which will be based on the credit history of the cardholder. Moreover, there is not any penalty APR on the not on-time payments as well as no foreign transaction fee.

2. Citi Double Cash Card

Citi Double Cash Card

This is also another best option with exciting features. This Citi Double Cash Card offers 2% cash back on purchases —1% cashback on every single purchase and an additional 1% back will be eligible for the payments that the cardholder makes on purchases. The annual fee is $0. There is a variable interest rate that starts from 13.24% and goes up to a maximum of 23.24% which will be based on the user’s creditworthiness. There is a 0% interest rate on each and every purchase for the first 18 months from account opening. Furthermore, there are no category and no caps restrictions as well.

3. Barclaycard CashForward MasterCard

Barclaycard CashForward MasterCard

The Barclaycard MasterCard is also one of the great cash-back credit cards that offer 1.5% cashback on purchases. As well as, it also receives a 5% cash-back bonus when redeeming rewards, which can be used for subsequent redemption. To redeem your cash, you need to earn $50 in the cashback, and the 5% bonus would not be available to the user unless the next time the cardholder has the minimum of $50 earning

This card has absolutely no annual fee. When it comes to the interest rate, then it would be 14.99%, 18.99%, and 22.99% that will be based on the cardholder’s creditworthiness. There is a $0 annual fee means that it can match the needs of heavy and modest card users alike. Overall, This card is the best fit for cardholders who seeker for a high cashback rate on purchases as well as want to save money with the top-notch 0% intro APR offer.

4. TD Ameritrade Client Rewards

TD Ameritrade Client Rewards Visa

The TD Ameritrade Client Rewards Card is another best option for cash back credit card seekers. This card offers the 1.5% cashback on purchases that the cardholder makes using this card. This 1.5% cashback increase up to 1.65% in case if the user manages to deposit that refund straight into the TD Ameritrade investment account. As well, They are currently offering the $100 cashback offer that will be expired on the upcoming 31st October. There is no annual fee. There is the variable interest rate, 13.24%, 18.24%, or 23.24% that will be based on the user’s creditworthiness. There is a 3% foreign transaction fee for every single transaction in US dollars.

5. Capital One QuickSilver Cash Rewards Card

Capital One QuickSilver Cash Rewards Card

This card will earn the cardholder 1.5% cashback on every purchase and the cardholder can redeem the rewards for any amount at any time. The first 15 months from account opening, you can make purchases and you will not be charged interest. As well, The same 0% APR introductory period is valid to qualifying fund transfers you may make from high-interest credit cards. Moreover, the cashback rewards do not expire as long as you have your account active. This card also offers the $100 cash bonus that the user can get after he/she manages to spend $500 using the same card within the first 3 months of the account activation. There is no annual fee.

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