Chase Debit Card Activation

Chase is the best option for making your business good. It is a unique bank holding corporation that has awesome new designs as well as great customer service. But the question that always comes to your mind that how to activate your new debit card received from Chase.

From anywhere you can make hassle-free chase debit card activation. It should not be long before you are up and running.

Let’s see different ways of how to activate a Chase debit card.

Chase Debit Card Activation Through Phone

First, make a call to customer care number 1800-290-3935. You will get this number on the sticker with your new card.

During this process, you need to follow the prompts given to you over the phone. After that, you will be asked for your new 16-digit debit card number and some other information.

To verify your identity a security question will be asked to you which is previously set by Chase.

After all required details are provided by you and it is confirmed who you are, a debit card will be activated and you ready to use it.

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Activate Your Chase Debit Card Using ATM

The simple method to activate your new card is just to visit an ATM. Insert your card and follow the instructions on the screen. Now you can use your card in no time.

Use PIN to perform your transaction or call 1800-290-3935 to activate your debit card.

Activate Your Chase Debit Card Using ATM

Activate Your New Chase Debit Card Online

To activate your debit card online,  you need first, log in to your Chase account.

After that you have to select services you want, in this case, you are activating your debit card, so select “Activate Card”.

Then you will be directed to another page where you will ask for your new 16-digit debit card number.

Similarly, when using a phone here also you will be asked to verify your identity through a security question previously set. Then you will redirect to another page where you can set your new debit card PIN.

Activating in Person

The last option to activate your card is to take your card to your nearest Chase branch. They will help you in activating your card.

These all are different steps of activating a chase debit card.

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