How to Check an American Express Gift Card Balance

An American Express is one of the premier credit cards available over the world. They offer a facility of gift cards which you can use at any store.

Do you know how to check the balance in American Express Gift Card and how to use a card online? Also, we will see what to do if, your card is lost or stolen. In this post, you will get all answers to your questions. Let’s see the process of checking the balance information in an American Express Gift Card.

 Check Your American Express Gift Card Balance

To get balance information in American Express Gift Card, the first thing you need to do is log in to your account by visiting

There you have to enter your card number along with its expiry date and enter the security code provided in the boxes.

After this, click on the Sign In button and you can check your balance displayed on the screen.

You can also check your balance by calling the Amex Customer Service number at 1-888-846-4308. For this, you will need to provide the necessary details.

How to Use Your American Express Gift Card Online?

American Express Gift Card works the same way as you use your ordinary credit or debit card.

You need to enter your personal details like a 15-digit card number, expiry date found on the front of your card, followed by a 4-digit security code available on the back of your card.

You have to make sure that whatever you are buying will not more than the amount on the gift card but of course, the seller allows you to split the charges over multiple cards.

Lost or Stolen American Gift Cards

You should notify American Express about your lost or stolen card at 1-833-205-8622.

Along with that, you need to provide your card number and some other information, so it is best to keep a photo of both sides of your card or make a note of your card details.

American Express will cancel your lost or stolen card if there is anything left on the card and they will issue a replacement to you with the remaining balance on it.

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One more thing you need to keep in your mind they will not be able to cancel your card or issue a replacement to you unless you provide all the information they request.

If you have any query related to your new gift card you can make a call to their customer support team at 1-888-846-4308.

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