Check Walmart MoneyCard Balance

Are you searching for Walmart MoneyCard? In the previous article, we saw what is Walmart MoneyCard, how to use it, and activate it.

In this article, we will see what is Walmart MoneyCard Account and how to check a Walmart MoneyCard balance. Also, we will see the benefits of the Walmart MoneyCard account, so that you can able to use it.

What Is A Walmart MoneyCard Account?

Walmart MoneyCard app gives many features to you. You can win cash back at Walmart. It gives you the ability to put money in their free savings.

Walmart MoneyCard allows you to win cash prizes every month.

Does Walmart MoneyCard Account Help Your Credit Score?

If you prepay the money onto your card, Walmart does not affect your credit as well as there is no need to make monthly payments.

Walmart MoneyCard Accounts Benefits

Walmart offers some great benefits and provides a great way to manage your money on Walmart MoneyCard Account. It also offers a gift card.

Wherever Mastercard or Visa card is accepted, you can use it at shop both online and in stores.

Every year you can earn up to $75 cashback on Walmart purchases.

It easy to send and receive money from any other Walmart MoneyCard or Green Dot Bank cardholders nationally.

You can receive your pay up to 2 days before your scheduled payday and government benefit 4 days early.

You can pay bills automatically and gives you the ability to put money in their free savings.

Walmart allows you to win cash prizes every month.

Benefits of Walmart MoneyCard

Why Should You Download the Walmart MoneyCard App?

You can manage your card and money using Walmart MoneyCard app from your phone.

As mentioned above, Walmart allows you to take advantage of the free saving feature, and also you can pay bills, deposit checks, and order free accounts for your teenage kids.

How to Check Your Walmart MoneyCard Balance?

Let’s see the process to check Walmart MoneyCard balance.

You can check your balance through the app or by logging in to where you can check your transaction history and balance. Or you can also take your card to the nearest Walmart and ask the cashier about your balance.

You may call the customer service number at 1-877-937-4098 to check the balance on your Walmart MoneyCard.

To add your mobile number, log in to your account and go to setting. Write “BAL last 4” last four is the last four digits of your MoneyCard number.

In this way, you can check your balance on Walmart MoneyCard. We hope this article will help you to understand it. To read more related to this post cash app card balance.










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