Guide to Capital One Walmart Rewards Card Activation

Are you a frequent buyer at Walmart? You may have been offered a Capital One Walmart Rewards Card to sign up and enjoy great discounts on your purchase. If you received a Capital One Walmart Rewards Card, then the first thing you need to do is Activation. Activating capital one Walmart reward card ensures you to taking advantage of it.

In this article, I will help you to activate your Capital One Walmart Rewards Card in some easy steps. Let’s, put your worries aside and keep reading carefully to quickly activate your Walmart Rewards Card.

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Benefits of Having a Walmart Rewards Card

Walmart Rewards Card is provided by Capital One and it feeds the following amazing benefits.

  • Protection & Security: $0 liability on Capital One Identity Theft and authorized purchases.
  • No Annual Fee: Walmart card allows you to get all the benefits without imposing an annual fee.
  • Earn More Points: With your MasterCard, you will obtain extra at gas stations, restaurants, and more.
  • Financing Options: Special financing on select categories at Walmart.

If you want to know about Walmart’s credit card login, you can visit Walmart Credit Card Login Info & Instructions.

Requirements to Activate Capital One Walmart Rewards Card

  • Walmart Rewards Card with its details including the Last 8 digits of your card number, Expiry date, and NRIC/Passport number
  • Computer or Smartphone
  • Strong internet connection
  • Personal Information
  • Walmart Rewards Card Activation Link
  • Walmart Rewards Card Phone Number

Once you have gathered all the above requirements, you will be ready to Activate your Walmart Rewards Card.

Steps to Activate Capital One Walmart Rewards Card

You have mainly two options to activate your Walmart Rewards Card. Check it below.

  • Walmart Rewards Card Activation online
  • Walmart Rewards Card Activation via the phone number

It’s time to understand each method in detail. Let’s read carefully.

Walmart Rewards Card Activation Online

  • To complete the Walmart Rewards Card Activation online, you need to follow the below steps carefully.
  • Go to the Walmart Official site.
  • Select Enroll & Activate
  • Enter your last name as registered in your Reward Card.
  • Next, enter your Social Security Number or Bank Account Number.
  • Select your Date of birth from the dropdown list.
  • Then, click on Find Me.
  • After entering the correct information, your account details will auto-populate.
  • Fill in the following information according to the instructions, based on your reward card and the product you registered for.
  • The next step involves verifying your identity according to the information provided.
  • Then, you need to create a username and password.
  • Finally, confirm the account credentials and submit them.

Walmart Rewards Card Activation Via Phone Number

  • First of all, dial the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card Activation Number at 1.888.925.6218.
  • Once you connected, provide your Walmart Card details along with your personal identity as instructed by the instructor.
  • Listen to the terms and conditions and agree with them to proceed.
  • Follow the ordered instruction very carefully to finish your Walmart Card Activation.

Once you completed the above process, your Walmart Rewards Card will be activated and ready for use!

Bottom Line:

We hope here you can get all the important steps to finish your Capital One Walmart Credit Card Activation. Still, you have any questions regarding Walmart Cards or want further more details, visit our official site or reach us at

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