How Does Walmart Money Transfer Work?

Are you searching for Walmart money transfer? In this post ,you may get help while transferring the money using Walmart. It is a fast, secure, and reliable platform in both US and over 200 countries and territories.

It is one of the biggest international money transfer services, offers easy transferring of money locally as well as internationally in US.

But have you ever thought about how exactly this Walmart money transfer work. Don’t worry below here I am going to diffuse some important features that will help you.

What is Walmart Money Transfer?

Walmart offers online money transfer to enable clients to easily send money within US and internationally. It is easy way to send money to your friend and family members as fast as possible. The most important feature that we find in anywhere that it offers cheap and reasonable charges.

How to send money using Walmart money transfer service?

If you have mobile you can easily send money using a mobile app or through desktop using Walmart platform through its agent store or online. You can make a transaction online and complete it at the Walmart store. You can transfer and send money using three ways that Walmart offers. Let’s see.


Walmart2Walmart allows to send money domestically within US. This service is powered by Ria which is a secure international money transfer service. It’s pretty simple to see the working of this service.

A customer walks into the money center of Walmart store within the US. Then you need to fill customer details form includes name, the amount you would like to send, the recipient and destination state or country.

To make payment you can use a debit card with a pin or US currency. After that Walmart will then wire the money to the intended recipient. Within few minutes money should be available on the other side.


Walmart2World service is used to send money internationally over 200 countries and territories. That is why Walmart partnered with MoneyGram.

3. MoneyGram

Walmart allows you to send money using MoneyGram. This service is fast, efficient, and cheap to send money domestically and internationally.

How to start a transaction in app?

  1. First download Walmart app and create account.
  2. From the main page of app, you need to select money services.
  3. After that you can choose send, receive or pay bill.
  4. Enter your details.
  5. Then proceed to the local store to complete your transaction.
  6. Then after that go to the money center or customer service desk. Once at the register access your prepared transaction from the app by scanning the QR code on the debit reader.

How much money can you send through Walmart?

Walmart allows you to send up to $2500 in a single transaction. You can transfer maximum up to $6000 amount of money within 30 days calendar days.

How much Walmart will cost for the money transfer?

As we discussed above that Walmart offers less amount for money transfer but it depends on whether you want to transfer money locally in US or internationally.

Using Walmart2Walmart it cost $4 for the first $50 and $8 from $51 to $1000 and $16 for sending $1001 to $2500.

You will get charged the transfer fee plus conversion fee while using Walmart2world and MoneyGram.

How long does Walmart take to transfer money?

Walmart take few minutes to transfer money to the other side. In Walmart2Walmart ensures the recipient can pick up money immediately. For international transaction it takes more time of at least 1 day waiting period.

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How does recipient receive money?

You can send money to your friends and family members in different ways as follows:

  1. You can have money delivered right to your address i.e home delivery.
  2. Deposit in a bank account.
  3. You can transfer using debit card
  4. Recipient can pick up cash from Walmart store.
  5. Money can be collected via mobile wallet and withdrawn using Walmart mobile app.

Bottom line

Walmart is a cheap and efficient way to transfer money. You can make transaction using mobile app or desktop. It is fast , secure and convenient and also it  allows you to send money domestically within the US and or wire money internationally.Also you can prefer Venmo transfer limits.

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