Are you looking for a pharmacy discount, the National Prescription Savings Network’s discount program will be the best option for you. You just need to get the free pre-activated NPSN card for immediate use. Along with this card, you can save up to 75% on prescription medications. Along with this card, you would be able to get a suit at all pharmacies on every medication you purchase.

There is no charge for using the NPSN card. You are also able to save $300 on average. In this post, we have mentioned all details of this NPSN card as well as give you the guide on how to receive this free card to start saving on all your prescriptions from right today.

How NSPN Card Helps?

There are so many peoples on the planet who are not insured. AS well, there are thousands of people who don’t have coverage for buying prescription medications. Along with this card, the cardholder can save up to 75%. It offers immense relief when it comes to paying high prescription medication costs. The card also complements existing insurance. While their program assists the uninsured, there is no policy available that covers all medications. Moreover, you can also take benefit from this card if you have a comprehensive insurance plan.

How You Get The Discount?

Whenever you visit the pharmacy with a prescription, the cardholder needs to carry this NPSN card and show it to the pharmacist. If the pharmacist tells you that he/she is unaware of the card discount program, then you should ask him/her to contact customer support on the toll-free number 1.877.890.8077.

Types Of Discounts

You can get discounts according to the different kinds of prescriptions. You can earn a discount of up to 75% off the prescription’s retail price. Nevertheless, the average prescription discount is around 50%. For generic medication, the average cost is only $21. For more details, you can contact customer support as well visit their website.

Apply For An NPSN Card

How To Apply For NPSN Card

  • First, visit the official website.
  • After the page appeared, you can see the “Get Your Card” link that is at the upper right-hand corner of the webpage.
  • Tap on it to start the application process.
  • On the next screen, the small section will appear in the center of the screen where you have to fill up the all required details.
  • Next, click the “Submit” button. And, your card will be reached to you within two weeks with the welcome kit.

You can also download the official NPSN android app for instant prescription savings that is free & available on Android and iOS.

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