How to Close a Wells Fargo Credit Card

Do you really want to close your wells Fargo credit card? but a question arises in your mind that how do I close my wells Fargo credit card? If yes, you must have some genuine reason before going through a complete process. Reasons like you are tired of paying a hefty annual fee or you just want to reign in debt. The first thing which is very important that your account having zero balance. Secondly, you can contact wells Fargo for credit card cancellation.

How many ways you can close wells Fargo credit cards? Wells Fargo Credit Card Cancellation Process in two ways:

  1. By calling to the customer service number.
  2. By sending a written request to have the card canceled.

Steps to Close Wells Fargo Credit Card by using Phone

The main thing to close wells Fargo’s credit card by using a phone is the customer service number, which is available on the back of the Wells Fargo credit card or on the credit card account statements you might have received. The Wells Fargo customer service number is 1-800-642-4720. Firstly, you have to dial the number from your phone and then secondly ask customer service to close your credit card. You must have to provide your name, account number, state the date when you want to like your cancellation to be done.

If you are expressly connected with the customer service provider then you have to type 0 as a response. Then you can request your card cancellation. You have to clear all the remaining balance before the due date when you want to like your cancellation to be done. You can clear it by using your phone, online, or by mail. Your account will close completely only when u have a $0 balance.

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  • Do not cancel your credit card with an existing balance. so, How to close a wells Fargo credit card securely? Closing a card with the remaining balance affects your credit score as well as you have to charge some fine or you have to repay the balance with higher interest rates.

For future reference, you have to make a note of things like the name of the service provider with whom you spoke, the date, the time when you made the phone call. Check that there are no pending charges on the card as they could prevent you from going through with the card cancellation. If you have any standing charges then you have to pay it for the successful cancellation of the card. Wait for the cancellation message that your card has been successfully canceled.

Wells Fargo Credit Card Cancellation by Mail

The customer service representative is likely to convince you not to go through with the cancellation so, this is a very risky process to cancel your card through call. The option to cancel by phone is by mail. You can get the mail address from any paper statement at the back or from the Wells Fargo Contact Us page.

The mailing address is given below:

Wells Fargo Card Services
P.O. Box 51193
Los Angeles, CA 90051-5493

In the letter, you have to mention the decision about the cancellation of your card. You have to mention your name, your account number, and the date on which you want the cancellation to be done. Also, include the date of writing the letter and sign to validate it. Then you have to wait for a lender to send confirmation that your card has been canceled. If you don’t receive any confirmation then make a follow-up. To cancel an American Express credit card, Click here.


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