How to close chase credit card account

Do you want to close your account? You may have such a situation that has to close your Chase credit card account. As it cost a hefty annual fee that is driving you to make such a difficult decision.

You need to follow some steps. This process is not as simple as tearing up the card and throwing it into the dustbin. To close your Chase credit card account, it necessary that your balance should be $0.

You can cancel a chase credit card by calling a phone number, sending mail, or through the Chase website. You will get more information about credit card like how to close wells forgo credit card .

To cancel your credit card, you have to follow the steps to cancel a chase credit card  given below:

1.Cancel a Chase Credit Card via The Phone

Call the customer care number to cancel your Chase credit card. You can get this number on your card on the backside or on the billing statement. From the Chase contact page, you can access the telephone numbers. If it is too difficult, get the numbers from below:

  • Chase Personal Credit Card: 1800-432-3117
  • Chase Business Credit Card: 1800-269-8690
  • Chase Sapphire Credit Card:1800-493-3319

Chase provides 24 hours a day,7 days a week service, you can speak to any of the Chase sales representatives. In order to reach a live customer representative faster, press 0# whenever you want to ask for your card number. Press 0 for the rest of the menus.

Once your call connected to the Chase sales representative, ask them for your card to be canceled. Because of the sales representative report to all the credit bureaus that you requested to close your account your credit score is not get affected. After you ensure that your account was actually closed, follow up on your request through a letter or a phone call.

2.Cancel a Chase Credit Card by Mail

To cancel your credit card by mail, check your monthly billing statement from the mail address provided by Chase or from their contact page.

The letter should include your full name, address, credit card number, and request to close your credit card account. After that, the most important thing you have to do is submit the letter to the post office so that, it can be sent.

If you send the letter by certified mail, you will get a tracking number. From that tracking number, you can ask Chase if they actually receive the letter. In case of future use, you can keep a single copy of the mail.

3.Close a Chase Credit Card Online

To cancel your Chase credit card online, you have to visit Secure Message Center on the Chase website. Follow the below steps to cancel your card:

Cancel your Chase credit card online

  • First, login into your online account, open the dashboard clicks on the three horizontal line icon on the top left. Choose Secure Message
  • Now you will come to the second window of the “Secure Message Center”.
  • Select ‘compose message’. Then verify your email address at top of the page. Click on ‘credit card’ and in the drop-down menu, select ’Other/ Inquiry not listed’.
  • Click on the ‘Account Number’ drop-down menu and choose a credit card you want to cancel.
  • Then in the message box type a message about why you are canceling a credit card. Make sure your balance should be $0.
  • Click on ‘Send’. Make sure that they send a reply in few days.

If you use one of the above methods make sure that your card cancellation was actually done. find a related post on the close bank of America credit card account.

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