How to Get Cash App Card under 18, 17, 16?

For Minors or Kids, there is no official version available. According to law, kids are not allowed to open a cash app account. Your account will be permanently limited if you are under 18 and you are not allowed to use cash apps.

Keep reading as you can open an unverified cash app account and use it for small essential transactions. How to Get Cash App Card under 18? Can I get a cash app card for my child who is a minor? Individuals must be 18 years of age to use Cash App and get a Cash Card.

From this article, we are going to discuss various limitations and solutions for minors using cash apps. The terms and conditions of the cash app state that, the person must have completed 18 years of his age to create an account as it is unlawful to enter into a contract unless you are already an independent minor. To use the cash app and pay your friends, family and also receive money from them, you must have complete 18 years of age. You can use a cash app card to split meals, buy movie tickets, chip in for birthday gifts, and much more.

Can I Use Cash App if I’m Under 18 and a Minor?

If you are under 18 and want to use the cash app then you can try to use an unverified cash app account. But, there are many limitations and risks that put your account on hold, and at that time you need to verify your account and that’s something you cannot verify because you are under 18.

To use the cash app you must have completed a minimum of 18 years of age. In short, you must be 18+ to use a cash app.

Can I get a cash app card for my Minor child?

No, you are not allowed to get a cash app card for your child. You should have lied when you entered your date of birth to open a cash app account. So, be calm until you are 18 to get a cash app card.

Whenever you will open a cash app account, you are agreeing to make a legal contract with the company.

Before making a legal agreement known as a contract, you must complete the legal contract age. You must require 18 years completed to make a legal contract in the US and most Jurisdictions.

How to Verify Cash App if Under 18?

If you have not completed 18 years of age then there is no method to verify your cash app account. You can create a cash app account using a phone number and by using an email account. You can use a cash app without verifying your account for little transactions under 18 years of age.

To sign up on a cash app, the terms and conditions state that you must have to complete a minimum of 18 years of age. If you are sending or receiving a high amount of money with the help of a cash app then they may ask you to verify your identity using a social security number and by using other documents.

How to Use Cash App under 18 and Minor?

There are two methods available to use cash app under 18. Don’t mention your age and transact without verifying your account. Another alternative is to use your parents’ cash app account or card. Claiming to be 18 without verifying your account has some limitations and it comes with a certain risk.

By using the cash app website, they don’t allow you to open an account if you are under 18 because no one under 18 is allowed to bind with a legal agreement in the United States: You are agreeing to a binding legal contract when you open a Cash App account.

How to make a Cash App Account under 18?

You can open a cash app account under 18. To open an account follow the below steps:

Step1: Input your email address or phone number.

Step2: Enter the code that is sent to your email/phone.

Step3: Provide your full name.

Step4: Select a $Cash tag and Provide your ZIP code.

You are not verifying your account until you are under 18. There are certain limitations with an unverified account that you can send $250 in a week and receive $1,000 in a month. A Cash App under 18 account will likewise restrict you from having a Cash Card, Bitcoin, Stock exchanging, and so on.

Cash App for Minors

A Cash app for minors commonly known as the unverified cash app account is a free-of-cost account on which anyone can open a cash app by mentioning their duplicate age to be over 18. Cash apps for minors and teenagers have some limitations because there is no official version for cash app minors. It is very useful and important to transfer money with friends and family on your phone, without any real hard cash actually changing hands. A Cash app is a very easy and simple way to transact money. So parents can allow their child to buy something for school with the help of a cash app or for any purpose parents can send money to their kid’s account.

Can Kids Have Cash App?

Never, Kids cannot have a Cash App account. Cash app requires users must have completed 18 years or older to sign up. Children whose age is under 18 are not allowed to do contracts. The only solution is to have a cash app is to use their parent’s card.

If you want a separate cash app and cash app account, you need to wait for their child to reach 18 and open an account of their own name as an authorized user.

Cash App Card for Kids and Minors

You are not allowed to order a cash app card if you are under 18 and a kid. Unverified accounts do not provide you a cash card. To order a cash card, first, you need to verify your account. There are many limitations for the cash app to kids.

The cash app for kids alludes to an Unverified Cash App account it means anyone can open an account and start using the cash app with some limitations for transactions.

How to Get a Cash App Card?

Steps to get a cash app card:

Step1: Open the cash app on your device.

Step2: Select the cash card icon located at the second mark on the lower-left corner of your phone.

Step3: Select the “Get FREE CASH CARD” option.

Step4: Select the color of your choice for your cash app card. Just click on the color and click on the continue tab to proceed.

Step5: Select the enable and disable option for showing your cashtag to personalize your card.

Step6: Draw your signature. Add stamps with the help of a little smiley face button which is available under the signature section. Complete the process and click on next.

Step7: Input your mailing address, first and last name. Check all information entered by you and make sure all is correct. Simply press the next button to proceed.

Step8: Press on continue or click on the next tap to submit.

Step9: You will receive your card within the next 10 business days.

What happens if you make a Cash App account under 18 Minor?

As per cash app policies, they don’t allow the person under 18 to open an account to enter into a legal agreement in the United States. Accordingly, whenever you will create a cash app account, that time you are accepting to binding a legal contract with a cash app. You can create a cash app account by providing fake information to receive money. Whenever you are going to verify your account, they will ask you about your Card, bank account, and social security number and if you have not completed 18 years then they can block your account.

Cash App under 18 Problems

If you have created your account by providing a fake age and without verifying your account. But they will demand you an ID copy of yours to prove that the person holding the account has completed 18 years of age. You have to verify your account and age confirmation if not then the money received by you will remain the same in your account and you are not able to withdraw it until you verify it.

For example, the father and child both are having cash app account. A father sends 10$ to his child as pocket money. The money will be credited to the minor’s accounts. And minor wants to withdraw it. At that time, they will require you to confirm your account and also need to confirm your age with an ID. So, the cash app is not ideal for minors. So, it is better to transact with cash and wait until they get to 18.

Cash App under 18 Solution

The only solution for those under 18 to use the app through a cash app card from an elder supervisor. Talking about the above example, parents can offer cash cards loaded with fixed amounts instead of transferring money to a minor account. This is an easy way to keep track.

How to get a Cash App Card at 16?

You must have to complete 18 years of age to use a cash app card on your own not 16 years of age. But you have a solution for this problem that you can use your parent’s card because it does not authorize you until 18. You need to complete 18 years of age to use their services. 16 is not the legal age to use services.

How can I get a cash app card at 17?

It is not possible to get a cash app card at 17. If you are in need to use any prepaid card at 17 or below then the goHenry Prepaid MasterCard is the only optional card that can be used by children that are younger than 13. You can use the goHenry Prepaid Mastercard as a minor. The age limit to use goHenry Prepaid Mastercard is young as 6 and young adults up to 18 can use the services of goHenry card. Here, parents can set spending rules for each of the child’s cards.

What Happens if You Lie About Your Age on Cash App?

If you have provided fake information about your age and get a hold of an account when you have not completed 18 years of age, then also you can do small transactions. Nevertheless, If you are transacting with a higher amount, you need to verify your identity with the help of social security number.

If you have provided fake age on the cash app, you are not able to verify your account. It means there are some limitations for transactions such as you can send up to $250 in a week and receive $1000 in a month.


In the Google play ratings, a cash app states that the perfect age to use a cash app is four and above. Nevertheless, in application terms of services, a cash app only allows using of services of age 18 and above. The app is very much open to older teens but with high monitoring from their parents.

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