How to Prequalify For American Express Credit Cards?

Prequalifying for a credit card online, or getting a preapproval offer from a credit card issuer, can be your first step in getting a new credit card. Being successful here does not mean that you have been approved for the card. This easily indicates that the card issuer has given you a prescription and determined that the information in your credit report depends on the general criteria of the card.

There is a good example of American Express, for which you can be prequalified. If you do, you will receive an offer to complete the application in the mail.

Do you have an idea about how to prequalify for American Express Credit Cards? If not. Don’t worry. We are here to help you.

Read our whole article, in which we are explained almost all the instructions and information about How to Prequalify for American Express Credit Card successfully. Let’s see.

How to Prequalify for American Express Credit Card?

To prequalify for an American Express credit card, you must go online to enter some information on their portal (Check theĀ pre-qualified credit card offer).

Part of the required information is your name, address, city, state, zip code, and the last four digits of your social security number.

Once you agree to the terms and conditions, your application for prequalification will be sent to American Express.

If you are prequalified, you will receive a notification by mail.

If you choose to respond to a pre-qualification offer by filling out an application form, you may or may not get a card. If you do, you are unlikely to receive a welcome bonus or a favorable APR. Your credit score will determine the types of offers you receive.

Going through the pre-qualification application process means authorizing American Express to contact the Credit Reference Bureau for its report. Not only that, they will then determine if you are really qualified for credit card offers.

Some important thing you need to note of:

  • The pre-qualification application process is not the same as a credit card application.
  • American Express has the freedom to review your personal information and the latest credit history.
  • Just because you’re pre-qualified doesn’t mean you’ll get credit account approval.

In short, the pre-qualification process is to establish the credit card offer you are eligible for. If you finally apply for a credit card and your account is approved, the information that comes together during the pre-qualification process will determine whether you should receive a welcome bonus and how high it should be. This is also important in deciding how high your APR should be.

Why Pre-Qualify Before Applying?

Now, you have every reason to wait until you are pre-approved for an American Express credit card before applying. As you already know, the pre-qualification process for Amex is very simple, fast, and painless.

Once you get the pre-qualification notification process you can select the card to apply immediately. It could be the cheapest EveryDay card, Premier Gold Reward card, or the Platinum card. Since then your fortunes have been in the hands of American Express, as they can either accept or reject your application.

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