How to Reset Your Cash App Card Pin

On the app, you can change your Cash App PIN. You need to open a Cash App and click the profile icon from your Cash App home screen. Select privacy and security. Press on change cash PIN. Input and confirm your new Cash App PIN.

Did you forget your Cash App pin? It is compromised?  Don’t worry about it. Cash App provides you to easily change your PIN with the help of an iPhone or Android. In this article, we will provide you a solution to reset your Cash App pin with a 6 Step Reset Process. You can change your Cash App pin anytime. It is the number associated with your cash card in the activation process of your cash card. Cash App and Cash Card pins are the same things. Cash App facilitates extra layer protection to your Cash App account. And it required you to either use touch ID or Pin before making any transactions or changes to the Cash App account.

To reset Cash App card pin: The Cash App has given many additional advantages and new options to their users to improve customer’s understanding of the Cash App. Cash App also provides additional security to your application to keep the information protected and secure. It is really necessary for providing extra protection to your account and to keep your confidential data safe and secure. If you are using different passwords for different platforms and applications then that time there are chances to forget passwords and pins. You cannot do any transaction on the app unless you save it or wrote it down. If you have forgotten your pin and want to reset it, don’t worry about it. The process of pin reset is very simple.

What is Cash App Card PIN?

The PIN is also known as the individual identification number. The PIN keeps the information of your bank account, credit/debit cards secure so the PIN is very important. All that contains private data or information are safe in the current time with the help of digital security. Primary gadgets are cell phones which come with solid security and every application like Cash App gives security to their customer’s information. For some people, it is complicated to remember the pin or the password. It is difficult to use the cash card in the event if you don’t remember the pin or lost the pin. That’s why the main concern is the security of the Cash App card.

How to Activate the Security Lock on Cash App Account?

Following are the steps to activate the security lock on the Cash App and secure your application with a Cash App card PIN:

Step1: Start your Cash App.

Step2: Tap on the profile icon.

Step3: Press on “Privacy and Security”.

Step4: Turn the “switch” option on by tapping on it.

Step5: It will turn in green. It means you have enabled security on your device.

Your account will be more secure and safe to make transactions with the help of this feature. If you make some changes then every time you have to confirm your identity by providing your PIN and Touch ID.

How to Change Cash App PIN?

Following are steps to change a Cash App PIN.

Step1: Start on the Cash App on your phone.

Step2: Select the profile icon.

Step3: Tap on “Privacy and Security”.

Step4: Choose “Change Cash PIN”.

Step5: Provide your new PIN and confirm the changes.

Step6: Once you are done with this process. You will get a text or email notifying you that your PIN has been changed successfully.

Step7: Click on back to move to your homepage.

Step8: Your Cash App pin has been successfully changed.

In some cases, if you received a message like this and you are not the one who has changed your PIN, then you must have to contact square support immediately.

In what Situations can reset the Cash App PIN?

The Cash App never requests you to change or reset the PIN on Cash App. There are many reasons so that the user decides to change or reset the PIN. So, you need to be updated on your side to change or reset the PIN.

Following is the list of reasons so that you can reset the PIN.

  • If you have shared access with someone to your Cash App account for some time. Then you can reset the PIN so that the other person cannot use it again.
  • If you are not able to remember the PIN that time you can reset it.
  • If the app is showing your pin incorrect even if you have entered the correct pin that time, you have to log in to your account safely then change the PIN instantly.
  • We will suggest you change your pin every 4-6 months. Nevertheless, there can be various reasons for resetting Cash App PIN.

How to Enable PIN on Cash App?

Below are the steps to enable the security PIN on the Cash App account.

Step1: Start a Cash App.

Step2: Press on the profile icon.

Step3: Open the “Privacy and Policy” settings.

Step4: Select the switch icon in green color.

Step5: If the switch icon showed in green color then your account is activated with the security lock.

Step6: You can put Touch ID or PIN.

If you have set security lock on, and you are going to transact or change your account, you will be prompted to provide the PIN or touch id for more safe and secure payments.

What are the Reasons to Change Cash App Card PIN?

To keep your information and bank details safe, you can change the PIN. Your account will never be hacked.


  1. I don’t remember my Cash App PIN. How can I reset the PIN?

In this article, we have given the steps through which you can change the PIN of your Cash App account. If you are facing some issue then you can contact customer service support.

  1. What is the Cash App reset PIN number?

Your PIN can be changed using the Cash App account. There is no difference between the Cash App PIN and Cash App PIN numbers.

  1. How do I change the PIN for my Cash App Card?

From this article, you can check the steps to reset or change the PIN. After that, you will receive a notification for the same.


Cash App provides one option to enter your pin or scan your fingerprint before you transacting to keep it extra protected in terms of the privacy and security of your account. You can easily change your Cash App pin to keep your data secure and safe or in case if you forgot the PIN.

If you are not able to change your pin or don’t have access to the Cash App, you should immediately connect with the Square Cash App Customer Support team and let them know the problem to help you to solve your problem ASAP.

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