How to Set Up Cash App for Nonprofit Organizations?

Cash App can be used for personal fundraising nonprofit as a payment gateway to lets your donors donate via the Cash App. There is no surprise that many nonprofit organizations are expanding their payment options to make donations effortless and maximizing their donations because of the continuously rising of online donations, charity, and mobile payments.

Cash App permits you to send payment easily without manually filing your card details or without the hassle of traditional online banking. In 2019, 1/3 of the donations and a quarter of nonprofit revenue gathered from mobile and digital payment. This is looking to increase tenfold by 2023. Cash App has become a bit of a household name for the one who transacts online. Cash App is an easy and convenient application to send or receive funds around.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to set up a Cash App for nonprofit organizations into your fundraising. We also going to discuss fees and the features for squares to process payments and collect donor data.

Cash App for Nonprofit Organizations

At this moment, Cash App doesn’t have a formal nonprofit program to receive any type of donations. Cash App is the P2P money transfer service that permits you to send and receive money easily.

Nonprofits and regulators need to work with the challenges associated with a new donation and the solicitation channels. This is the major challenge to the Cash App officially expanding to Non-Profit. Nevertheless, still you can receive donations for your personal fundraising.

Can You Use Cash App for Non-Profits?

Currently, there is no formal nonprofit program from Cash App, but fundraisers can easily set up a Cash App account and add it to one of the payment options and can receive donations from people who use Cash App.

Another way is by using Cash App Debit Card to get Cash App users to donate. Its working is the same as a traditional debit card and also added more features to earn discounts and rewards. The Cash App card is known as a Visa debit card which is linked to your Cash App balance. This Visa debit card is used to pay for products and services online and in-stores. Always remember that your cash card can be linked to your Apple Pay and Google Pay. That’s why donors can add their cash cards to Apple or Google Pay and donate with that.

Square Cash Nonprofit Donations & Fundraising

Cash App payment service is owned by Square Inc. (SQ). It is just one part of many of Square’s business offerings and it operates as a subsidiary of the square. Cash App manages payments for many merchants and square sellers in the US.

Square can be used to accept donations for your nonprofits. It is such a great option for charities to take payments. Square provides all the features and tools to integrate or add features as you want. Square POS provides a feature that permits donors to pay, tip, and process payments made with credit cards, gift cards, and cash.

Is Square Free for Nonprofits?

Square is not free for nonprofits. The square charges fees for nonprofits are pay-as-you-go for the most part.

If you opt into a monthly subscription then there will be no additional monthly fees. It requires no authorization fees, statement and refund fees, or PCI compliance fees.

Following are Square’s rates for nonprofit organizations:

  • 6% + $0.10 for any in-person donations.
  • 9% + $0.30 for donations made through a Square donation button, invoice, or the square online store.
  • 5% + $0.15 for manually entering the credit card number from the Square POS app.

Which donors can we reach with Square Cash App?

As indicated by Vertoanalytics, Square Cash’s client base is more thought: with half of their client base between the ages of 25 and 34 with slant intensely towards male and outnumber female clients by a proportion of 2:1.

With the analysis, we can conclude that the majority of Cash App users are people under the age of 34 and based in the United States. Millennials and Gen Zers are the major bulk users of the Cash App and Square payment app as the go-to for their payment processing requirements and needs.

We can conclude based on a large number of users opting for Cash Apps for their mobile payments that it is a perfect way to connect with a new generation of donors.

How to get donors to use Cash App?

How would you get people to make donations on Cash App or Square Cash?

Give a Tutorial

It is suggested to provide a tutorial on how to use the Cash App payment to make a donation. Inform about how to use the app and how they can use it to donate. You can make a video tutorial to make it simple and easier to follow.

@ Your Cashtag

In a blog post or on your fundraising message sent through email or social channels, make sure to include your Cash App tag to make it even easier and simple for donations.

Say “thank you”

Thanks to those who donate for their donations. Say thanks to the donors for their contributions by commenting on the payments.

What are the benefits of using Cash App for nonprofits?

As a matter of first importance, requesting that donors pay with Cash App might be a simpler request for your nonprofit organizations. Cash App clients regularly leave a couple of bucks in their account and sometimes forget about the money.

So, it is simple to pay and makes it not seem like initiating a new transaction. The new transaction can turn people off. Cash App balance uses money that is available in your account already ready to be spent.

Since the funds are in your balance. Psychologically, it could make the donor feel like a new expense and more like sending money for a good reason.


Cash App and Square both are great options for non-profit in the US. Currently, it is available only in the US, but there is a large possibility that it could be launching in many other parts of the world in the near future.

Since, Cash App is a trusted payment method and a great choice of P2P payments in the states, an easy way to increase donations is accepting Cash App donations.

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