How to Write a Check without Cents

Today’s world totally depends on digital payment systems but still now some peoples are there who don’t use them. Not everyone accepts debit or credit cards so question is that how to send money to them? The only solution for that situation is to write a check.

For writing a check you need to fill out a small form that contains the lines with labels. So, it is necessary to know how do you write a check without cents. In this post, we have explained all the important things that you need to know about while writing a check without cents. Read on.

The Anatomy of a Check

For your better convenience, here we have briefly mentioned how to fill out each line of the check correctly. We are here to help you and going to provide you a 6 steps to write a check without cents. At the end of this article you will find everything you need.

How to write a Check in a proper format

Line 1: Date

You have to write a date in the upper right corner of the check. You have to write the date in mm/dd/yyyy format. You can use numerical style (12/3/2020) or write out the month of December 2, 2020.

Line 2: Pay To The Order Of

Here is the line where you have to write the personal name or the company name for whom you want to make payment. You have to draw a long line that crosses any remaining space after the name because no one can make a change when you are done.

If you are paying Ram Patil, then you would write “Ram Patil————” on this line. If you’re donating to Red Cross, write “Red Cross———-“.

Line 3: $ Box

You will find the $sign followed by the blank box at the end of the pay to the order of the line. Here you have to write the amount numerically.

For example: “10.00—” for ten dollars and no cents, “50.00—” for fifty dollars even, and so on. The dollar sign is printed on the check already, you don’t have to write it again.

Line 4: The Dollars Line

The question is that how to write numbers in words on a check? This is the line where you have to write the amount in word. We can find this line exactly below the pay to the order of the line.

Following are the ways you can write the amount in words without cents:

  • 10.00: Ten dollars even
  • 32.00: Thirty-two dollars and no/100
  • 50.00: Fifty dollars and zero cents
  • 100.00: One hundred dollars and 00/100
  • 5000.00: Five thousand dollars and xx/100

Here are the methods you can use to write an amount but no/100 is the easy and safest method to write a check. If you choose 00/100 to write a check then criminals can make changes such as they can easily convert zero to nine so be sharp while selecting a method to write a check with no cents.

Line 5: Memo

This line can be used in a variety of ways and it is labeled as “for”. For your own records, you might choose to write the purpose of the check, something like “Birthday” or “March Rent”. You can just safely leave it blank.

Line 6: Signature

A check will not verify until you sign it. Without your signature, it doesn’t matter what else is written on the check, it won’t be cashed. Read the previous lines carefully before you sign them.

Never sign a blank check. If someone were to get their hands on it, they could fill out the rest of it for any amount they wanted. So, criminals can get the money directly from your bank account with the help of a check. I hope you got the answer for how to write a check without cents for someone. Be smart while writing a check without cents.

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