IDFC Debit Card Activation | PIN Generation

Have you just received a new IDFC debit card? and excited to swipe your card. Well, this is the right post for you.

IDFC is one of the fastest emerging banks operates in India. Using the IDFC debit card you can shop, pay bills, and dine, no matter where you are.

If you have an IDFC account and you have been approved for a debit card, then you will need to first activate it to enjoy its benefits. The process of IDFC debit card PIN generation and activation is very easy can be completed in a few steps.

In this article, we have given all the required information about how to activate IDFC debit card online and how to generate a debit card PIN.

IDFC Debit Card PIN Generation Online

To activate an IDFC debit card it is important to have the following requirements in your hand.

  • IDFC debit card with its details.
  • Mobile number.
  • Email address.

Steps to Activate IDFC Debit Card for Online Transaction:

  1.  First, log into your IDFC banking account using your username and password.
  2.  After that, select the option available as “Generate Debit Card PIN”.
  3. Then, you have to enter the following details:
  • Customer id.
  • Registered mobile number.
  • The Captcha.

4. After that, you have to enter the following debit card details:

  • IDFC debit card number.
  • Card expiry date.
  • Three-digit CVV number.

5. After completion of the above process, you will receive an OTP on your phone number through SMS. After that, enter the OTP and click on verify to proceed ahead.

6. Now, enter the PIN of your choice then re-enter it.

Once you finish the above task, submit your request at the end. After completion of this process, you will receive a notification about successful PIN generation for your IDFC debit card.

Security Tips

The bank never asks for your login or account details by email, so, never share your login or account details with an unauthorized person. If something seems doubtful, call the bank immediately. You can also generate your debit card PIN by calling the PIN generation phone number +91 22 62485162.

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