Login to Your Walmart Money Card Account

Do you have a Walmart Money Card? If you are Walmart Money Cardholder, then you can easily manage your prepaid debit card and access many great card features at no cost. This is possible if you have registered for a Walmart Money Card account.

With the Walmart Money card login, you can get tons of great features like sending money to others, paying bills online, Moneycard Vault, and much more. So, in addition to the benefits of getting cash back on your purchases from Walmart, there are many other great benefits as well.

Today’s discussion will go around the benefits of this Walmart Money prepaid debit card as well as an online account. We’ll also show you how to sign in to your online account to enjoy the features they offer. Let’s read carefully the following guide to log in to Walmart Money Card online account.

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About Walmart MoneyCard

You can get the best cashback rewards at Walmart by purchasing with this card. There is a 3% cashback on online purchases on Walmart.com. At Walmart and Murphy USA fuel stations, you can get 2% cashback. If you make a purchase at a Walmart store, the cashback will be 1%. With each reward year, you can get up to $75 cashback. You can use your card in the official Walmart app and add the card to Walmart Pay to ensure a quick checkout. If you want to track money 24 hours a day, you just need to download and install the official MoneyCard app.

MoneyCard and the MoneyCard online account have lots of advantages. Cardholders also get a chance to win big savings prizes. There is a grand prize of $1000 and 999 other cash prizes to the lucky winners each month. To find out more about Money Card or online account services, you can also explore their official website.

Benefits of Walmart Money Card

  • Earn 3% cashback at Walmart.com
  • Get your pay up to 2 days before payday & your benefits up to 4 days before benefits day.
  • Earn 2% annual interest (APY) on up to $1,000 in your savings
  • No monthly fee

Walmart Money Card Registration

Manage your card and get access to all the great features of the Walmart Money card by creating an online account today. By creating an online account, you will be able to use features like send money person to person transfer, online bill pay, money card vault, and more.

If you want to register your Walmart Money Card online account, you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  • First of all, visit the Walmart Money Card official site
  • On the registration page, you need to enter the required details such as your card number, card expiry date, and three-digit security code.
  • You will then be given access to your account and your card will be activated automatically.
  • Then, you have to click on the “Register New Card” button to start your registration process.

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Instruction To Login Walmart Money Card Account

To login into your Walmart Money Card online account, you need simply follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, you have to visit the login page of Walmart Money Card.
  • Next, enter your User ID and Password for the online account.
  • Then, click on the orange “Login” button to sign in to your account.

Before you press the “Login” button, you can also select the “Remember User ID” option. This will help your computer identify your sign-in details so that you can access your account from here without providing login details.

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