POSB Passion Card EZ link Activation | POSB Passion Card Activation

Are you searching for POSB Passion Card Activation or how do I activate my POSB PAssion card for EZ link?? Well, POSB bank offers POSB Passion Card to their customers to make transactions easier and faster.

There are lots of benefits to having an activated POSB Passion Card. So, once you get a POSB Passion Card, you need to activate it first before start using it to get more advantages of this card.

POSB Passion Card Activation or POSB Passion Card EZ Link Activation gives faster money transactions and also offers safety and security to the customer. By using this POSB Passion Card EZ Link Activation facility, customers can improve and make their daily lifestyle easier. Besides, the POSB Bank issues Passion card to provide flexibility in banking services to their customers. Customers can use this Passion card on various occasions where they can’t find cash transactions such as online shopping, online purchase, online bill payments, and so on.

By paying through the POSB Passion Card, customers can receive more offers such as Bonus offers, Cash Back offers, Discount offers, Gift offers, etc. If you are a POSB Passion cardholder and want to activate your Passion card immediately, let’s check our whole post and learn about POSB Passion Card EZ Link Activation by using the post’s effective information. Read on.

POSB Passion Card Activation | POSB Passion Card EZ Link Activation Online

Well, there are mainly two ways to Activate POSB Passion Card or POSB Passion Card EZ Link Activation. Let’s check out the available options below.

  • POSB Passion Card Activation Via using POSB/DBS ATM
  • POSB Passion Card Activation Via using EZ-Reload (Auto top-up)

Now, the customer can choose any of the methods given above. It depends on you through which way you want to complete your POSB Passion Card Activation.

POSB Passion Card Activation Via using POSB/DBS ATM

How do i activate my posb passion card through the POSB/DBS ATM, then just follow the given below steps:

  • First of all, go to the nearest POSB/DBS ATM
  • Now, you should insert your Passion Card.
  • Then, enter your 6 digit card PIN.
  • Select More Services followed by NETS FlashPay/Cashcard/EZ-link/Concession Card.
  • Next, select the EZ-link card followed by Continue.
  • After that, choose the Top-up and select the Account you wish to use.
  • Now, Remove your Passion Card and place your EZ-Linked Passion Card on the EZ-link cardholder.
  • Then, choose the Top-up Amount and Confirm the transaction.
  • Once the transaction is completed, remove your EZ-Linked Passion Card from the EZ-link cardholder.

POSB Passion Card Activation Via using EZ-Reload (Auto top-up)

DBS Live Fresh Credit Cards are automatically registered in the EZ-Reload facility upon issuance. Once the user receives the activation SMS, activate the function on any common ticket machine.

For POSB Daily Credit Card and POSB Passion Debit Card, visit the EZ-Reload website to register for the facility.

Essential Note:- To terminate the EZ-Reload Facility, call on 6496 8300 from Mondays to Sundays, 8 am to 6 pm, excluding public holidays.


This post allows readers to clarify their doubts through a step-by-step activation process. POSB Passion Card Activation gives its customers flexibility and convenience. Also offers optional payment options. Still, if you are looking for any card activation you can visit the official website Wealthcoaster.

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