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Do you have your own Visa card?

If yes, then Congratulations!!!  Else you don’t have any type of visa card don’t be panic. You have a chance to activate your visa card. Nowadays as per pandemic situation, there is cashless payment is preferable. Near about all over the world use or prefers cashless payments. Many methods are there in cashless payments one of the secure methods is Visa card. The Visa card has a 16-digit account number, chip, and magnetic strip.

Types of Visa cards include Visa credit cards, Visa debit cards, and Prepaid and Gift cards. Visa card offers quick, secure, and convenient to access money to the person overseas.

Have you Activated your Visa?

Visa card activation process

There are 3 ways to activate your Visa card as follows;

Visa card activation process :

Method 1:Calling to activate the card

  1. Call the automated number on the card: New debit card the automated number in front of the card that number you have to dial. If your card doesn’t have it then call/visit your bank.
  2. Follow the prompts to enter the required information. Along with the card number, you may be required to enter the 4 digit expiration date as well as the 3-digit CVV code on the back of the card
  3.  You have to create your own pin number. They will ask you two times to generate your four digits pin number.

Caution: make your pin number should be unique identification.

Method 2: Activating the card through your bank

  1. Call your bank to have a representative activate your card
  2. Use your bank app to activate your cad and follow the steps which are given.
  3. Go to your bank website to activate your card online.
  4. Visit your bank to activate your card in person.

Method 3: Using your pin to activate your card

  • Step 1: Collect your Visa card from the bank.
  • Step 2: Swipe the card in ATM Machine as per their information.
  • Step 3: Enter the pin number which is given by the bank.
  • Step 4: If you want to withdraw cash then enter the amount to withdraw cash otherwise skip this step.
  • Step 5: Change your pin.
  • Step 6: Finish the process.

Do you know how a Visa card works?

  • The cardholder presents the merchant with a card for payment. The card data are read directly from the card by a point-of-sale (POS) device, key-entered into it by the merchant, or provided by the cardholder on the merchant’s website or over the phone.
  • The merchant transmits the transaction information to the acquirer.
  • The acquirer sends a transaction authorization request to Visa.
  • Visa sends the authorization request on to the issuer or, in certain circumstances; it may perform “stand-in processing” on behalf of the issuer and approve or decline the transaction.
  • The issuer sends back to Visa an authorization response, either approving or rejecting the transaction.
  • Visa sends the authorization response to the acquirer.
  • The acquirer routes the authorization response to the merchant.

How many types of Visa cards?

There are several types of Visa cards many of them are as follows:

  1. Visa Classic Credit Card:

This is a basic Visa credit card and is accepted at millions of locations across the world. Benefits of Visa Credit Card include:

    • Emergency card replacement facility anywhere in the world
    • General assistance from anywhere across the globe through the 24×7 Global Customer Assistance Services
    • Emergency cash advance benefit as the card lets you access cash at 1.9 million ATMs in 200+ countries.

2.Visa Gold Credit Card:

This is a step up from the Classic Visa Credit Card. In addition to the facility of emergency card replacement, cash advance, and customer assistance, the gold card offers the following benefits:

    • Travel assistance
    • Special offers at retail, entertainment, travel, and dining around the world
    • Medical and legal referral assistance

3.Visa Platinum Credit Card:

In this type of card many more benefits are in it some of them are;

    • Accepted at millions of merchants and ATMs worldwide
    • Multiple deals and discounts on retail travel, dining, etc.
    • 24×7 platinum concierge service for travel reservations, movie ticket booking, gifting, and more…

Visa Credit card Vs Visa Debit card

A Visa debit card utilizes the funds which are available in your savings account. The debit card is linked to the savings account of the bank and the card is to access the funds through withdrawal whenever necessary.

The simple Difference between a Credit card and a Debit card is: Visit


Activation of your card is most important before you do any transaction by the card. Set your pin of unique identification for security purposes.

We hope you found your way through “How to activate visa card” and got your card finally activated, stay tuned for more such articles and guides.





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