3 Ways to Check a Walmart Visa Gift Card Balance

Walmart Visa Gift Cards are the perfect gift for practically any occasion. Because they have the Visa logo, you can accept Visa debit cards anywhere in the 50 states of the US, the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico), and other parts of the United States. If you have received a Walmart Visa Gift Card and want to know how much money is out there, you have come to the right place.

In this post, we have explained a few steps how to easily check your Walmart Visa Gift Card balance. Let’s take a look at it.

Check a Walmart Visa Gift Card Balance

There are three methods to check the balance on your Walmart Visa Gift Card:

  1. Online, go to www.walmartgift.com/wmgift.
  2. By phone, call 1-866-633-9096.
  3. At the store.

Let’s discuss each of them.

Method 1: Online

  • To check your gift card balance online, follow the below steps:
  • Go to the Walmart Visa Gift card page on this URL www.walmartgift.com/wmgift.⦁ You will see a “Check your Gift Card Balance” section on this page.
  • Here, you just need to enter your Visa gift card information such as Gift Card Number, 3-digit Security Code located at the back of your card, and the card’s expiration date.
  • Then check the information again that you entered is correct, and click on “Check Balance”.
  • Finally, Your gift card balance will be immediately displayed on the screen.

Method 2: By Phone

  • The second way is to contact customer support. Just call on this number 1-866-633-9096. This is usually an Automated Phone System.
  • After calling on this number, just follow the instructions. You must provide your gift card information for verification purposes. Then system verifies your card details.
  • If the system verifies your card details, your gift card balance will automatically be read out to you.
  • If you have more questions to ask, then you can choose to speak with an actual customer service operator.

Method 3: At The Store

You can simply walk to your nearest Walmart store and obtain your Walmart Visa gift card balance. Request the cashier in the customer service desk and check your balance. To see more about gift card balance click on read more.

More Information

If your Walmart Gift Card is ever lost or stolen, Visa’s Zero Liability Policy will protect your unused balance properly.

  • After receiving a gift card, be sure to note it before anything else. Otherwise, you will not be able to make any purchases online, by phone, or by mail. Also, you can register your Visa gift card that protects your card after gets lost or stolen. Because of registering your card, you can easily check your balance or view any previous or recent transactions.
  • Membership The Walmart Visa Gift Card cannot be used for automatic subscription payments. However, Walmart has solved this problem with its prepaid card, Walmart Money Card. You can use it just like a debit card and also for recurring automatic payments.

Bottom Line

The biggest advantage of having a Walmart gift card with a Visa logo is that you can use it practically anywhere in the designated states and territories.
Before you buy a new gift card, you need to know its value by checking the available balance as described in the article. This will help prevent problems during checkout.

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